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Final minor production project for class that was completed- my group put together a game in several weeks called Wiz-Kid! You play as the titular character and make your way through a perilous cave filled with monsters to retrieve a magical staff and become a full fledged wizard! The game can be downloaded and played here:

I worked on several character concepts and sculpts, along with texturing for those characters- the main Wiz-Kid, the imp enemy, and the harpy enemy. I also textured a large amount of the plants found decorating the levels, as well as texturing for the magical staff. Along with these, I also did 2d character art for the cutscenes, and some miscellaneous art for the credits page in game. I also did animations for the harpy in game and put together the itch page for our game- I'm really proud of my team and game and what we were able to achieve in the time given for this project!