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Mega Ultra Super Giga Jumbo Huge Epic Game

Game jam entry I worked on with several others for GMTK Game Jam 2020. Our theme was out of control so we decided to make a collection of out of control minigames with wacky styles and fast paced frantic gameplay. I worked on some character concepts and designs, and modeling the "mascot" that appears in several games. I also worked on some other models- the TV and game console appearing on the main menu. I did the textures for these three as well. In addition to these I also did pixel art for a couple of the games featured (and one game that didn't quite make it in, though I still wanted to share those assets here). Along with those I did some miscellaneous UI elements and decorations for the itch page.
The game can be downloaded and played here:
Please check it out and give your feedback if you have time !